Jennifer L Nixon

Understanding Not-for-Profit Organizations and Charities in Canada0

Posted On May 16, 2024, by Jennifer

Non-profit organizations play a vital role in the fabric of Canadian society, serving diverse purposes and addressing various community needs. In navigating the sector, it is important to consider the distinctions between Not-for-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and charities. In this article, we aim to provide clarity on these differences and offer guidance on the pathway to […]

Staying on the Right Path: Ensuring CRA Compliance for Your NPO or Charity0

Posted On July 13, 2023, by Jennifer

At GBA LLP, we understand that navigating the compliance landscape with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can often feel daunting for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and charities. But don’t fret! When armed with a clear understanding of the regulations and a step-by-step guide, ensuring your organization’s compliance with the CRA is a manageable task. In this […]

Navigating the HST Maze: Understanding HST Implications for NPOs and Charities in Canada0

Posted On July 6, 2023, by Jennifer

Understanding tax obligations can often seem like navigating a complex maze, especially for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and charities in Canada. At GBA LLP, we strive to provide clear, understandable  guidance for these organizations, shedding light on these complexities. One frequently misunderstood area is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). How does HST apply to NPOs and […]

Building Trust: A Guide for Canadian Charities on Cultivating Donor Confidence0

Posted On June 29, 2023, by Jennifer

In our continued mission to serve the charity sector in Canada, we at GBA LLP understand the importance of building and maintaining donor trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and for charities, fostering that trust with donors is crucial to their survival and growth. But how do Canadian charities inspire that all-important trust? […]

Navigating the Pathway to Charitable Status: A Guide for Non-Profits in Canada0

Posted On June 22, 2023, by Jennifer

As part of our educational series for Non-Profit Organizations (NFPs), we at GBA LLP are happy to share insights on an often-debated topic: How does a Non-Profit Organization become a Charity in Canada? While NFPs and charities may seem alike, it’s crucial to understand that all charities are non-profits, but not all non-profits are charities. […]

Understanding the Difference: Not-for-Profit Organizations and Charities in Canada0

Posted On June 15, 2023, by Jennifer

For individuals and groups looking to make a positive difference in their communities, navigating the world of non-profit organizations can seem daunting. It’s particularly essential to understand the distinctions between Not-for-Profit organizations (NFPs) and charities in Canada, as both types of organizations have unique sets of regulations, benefits, and obligations. This article aims to provide […]

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