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Buttle SLP was launched just prior to the COVID pandemic.  The principal clinician was, at first, a reluctant entrepreneur, but after 3 short years, she now leads a team of 10 focusing on client-centred treatment of individuals with communication difficulties.


The growth is mostly due to their client service and networking abilities.  However, the scalability without stress and anxiety comes from having a plan, developing and documenting processes, knowing when to hire additional team members, etc.   This is where GBA came in, not only providing the proper organizational structure for a professional services business, but having the knowledge that we have gained from working with clients engaged in professional services, such as: Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychotherapists, Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors, Optometrists and more.

In addition to setting the foundation for scalable growth, GBA helped provide accounting services to augment their admin function, as well, as analysis and coaching on forecasting, head count assessments and requirements, and general operational objectives associated with entrepreneurship.

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Whether your industry is health-related, technology-based, e-commerce-operating, …

- Your business is our focus.

How will GBA drive my business to where it needs to be?

  •  Work with you to understand your business, your clients and your vision
  •  Identify problems that are holding your business back from achieving optimal results
  •  Develop a strategic plan that delivers results
  •  Transform your accounting processes – Incorporate cloud-based solutions
  •  Promote sustainable growth

Below are a few examples of how we have helped businesses grow.

Buttle Speech Pathology

The team at GBA are fantastic! They provide more than accounting services, they provide peace of mind. Apart from helping me understand my business and personal taxes, I can bounce general business ideas off them like a sounding board. Without their input, I would not have had the comfort level to grow my business as fast as I have.

Meagan Buttle


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