Executive Strategies for the Entrepreneur’s Journey

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One of GBA’s personal tax clients evolved from being an employee to being a business owner. They required reliable service and advice as they navigated from start-up to established business and adapted to the changing needs of the business over time. As a first-time business owner, they had never sold a business, so when they reached this stage; they required a trusted advisor more than ever.


As a long-time client of GBA, this entrepreneur strengthened their knowledge and decision-making skills as a business owner and has learned when to call the team for advice and support. Considering selling their business prompted questions like “What structure makes sense? What considerations should I keep in mind? Who else might I need to work with during this process?” Getting introductions to other professionals, having GBA work alongside these trusted partners on the client’s behalf and continuing to receive their regular service and guidance is how this client kept themselves well-positioned throughout the sale process. As an established entrepreneur, they experienced their journey coming full circle: the success of their business and ultimately the sale transaction is what drove their personal wealth.

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How will GBA drive my business to where it needs to be?

  •  Work with you to understand your business, your clients and your vision
  •  Identify problems that are holding your business back from achieving optimal results
  •  Develop a strategic plan that delivers results
  •  Transform your accounting processes – Incorporate cloud-based solutions
  •  Promote sustainable growth

Below are a few examples of how we have helped businesses grow.


The GBA team is more than just my accountants. They are a branch of my business and a critical piece of my corporate puzzle. I am grateful for the support GBA has given me and now I never make a move without thinking of how it impacts the bigger picture - that's GBA's influence.


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