Marnie Hughes’s Journey of Managing the Complexities of Tax and Estate Matters

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Handling these multifaceted tax requirements, Marnie Hughes manages the personal tax returns for herself, her husband, and their three children all while faced with the intricate process of overseeing her mother’s estate.


When Marnie Hughes connected with Trevor through their joint involvement in a local Board, she found a trusted partner for her complex tax needs. Alongside managing the personal tax returns for herself, her husband, and their three children, Marnie also faced the intricate process of overseeing her mother’s estate. Managing these multifaceted tax requirements, which involved maneuvering probate issues, personal returns and a trust return, posed a significant challenge for Marnie, demanding detailed guidance and support from the GBA team to ensure compliance and accuracy.


With proactive and precise management, the GBA team ensured Marnie’s taxes were handled with care. Marnie found comfort and support in Trevor’s educational approach as he equipped her with valuable insights to manage the complexities of estate matters. She appreciated the clear and respectful communication style, free from any hint of condescension. Having a team in her corner that she trusted and respected provided Marnie with the reassurance that she needed throughout her emotional and challenging circumstances. In expressing her gratitude, Marnie remarked, “You’re really saving me right now,” highlighting the invaluable support GBA provided during her time of need.

Marnie felt truly cared for as the GBA team continuously took a proactive approach. As GBA took the time to reach out to Marnie and check for receipts to ensure that her taxes were done with precision, this allowed Marnie to maximize her returns while minimizing her stress. Establishing the long-term partnership with GBA has allowed Marnie to learn from a professional who is capable of anticipating her future accounting and tax needs while equipping her with the necessary foreknowledge. This approach has strengthened her trust and confidence in GBA, ensuring she feels supported in both her personal and business endeavors.

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Marnie Hughes’s

Trevor talks WITH me, not at me, using language I can understand. He helps me see what steps to take next. Without GBA and their guidance I would be struggling.

Marnie Hughes

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