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Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc. is the destination for your kitchen/bath design and renovation. With 20 years of experience, we listen to our clients’ dreams and develop a design and plan that will turn your dreams into reality.


Josh, of Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc., knows all about building a business from scratch – all of the stages from starting out to running a thriving business. As an entrepreneur, he understands the importance of surrounding yourself with trusted business advisors to support you and help you build your confidence as an entrepreneur.


Confidence was what he found a decade ago when first meeting Angela and working with GBA as a new business owner. Since then, GBA has been part of building his skills as an entrepreneur.

Day-to-day, GBA’s support looks like having the accessibility to pick up the phone to call Vicky, readily available for questions about how best to use QuickBooks Online. The support also brings the comfort that comes with having a second pair of eyes to look over his financials and prepare his statements at year-end.
When it is time for Josh to make the strategic business decisions that come along with owning and operating a growing business, he knows that he can reach out to Angela. Whether for setting growth targets, reviewing profit margin, hiring new team members, considering a new location or contemplating a business acquisition, GBA is his first call. Angela and the team serve not only as Silverwood’s accountants but also as indispensable business advisors, offering a trusted space for Josh to discuss his ideas and to gain clarity on crucial considerations for key business decisions.

As Silverwood continues to grow, the type and complexity of the decisions continue to evolve from growth milestones to other areas such as reinvestment in the business, corporate structure and estate planning. The relationship and trust built over the years will pave the way for a successful continued partnership in the years to come.

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Whether your industry is health-related, technology-based, e-commerce-operating, …

- Your business is our focus.

How will GBA drive my business to where it needs to be?

  •  Work with you to understand your business, your clients and your vision
  •  Identify problems that are holding your business back from achieving optimal results
  •  Transform your accounting processes – Incorporate cloud-based solutions
  •  Promote sustainable growth

Below are a few examples of how we have helped businesses grow.

Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc

I consider the Silverwood/GBA relationship to be a partnership. As our business grows and network expands, we are happy to refer to GBA, so as we grow, GBA grows too.

Josh Reyce

President, Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc.

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