Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd.

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The Company was looking to the future regarding succession planning and growth. However, they lacked a clear vision on how to get from point A to point B.


  •  Implemented the EOS system (Entrepreneur Operating System by Gino Wickman) to create a long term solution
  •  A 10-year plan was created, which included shorter time frames at 3 years, 1 year and quarterly, with an increasing level of detail
  •  Plan included goals and measurable outcomes
  •  Company was able to maintain a vigilant focus on engaging resources (time, money, staff) on supporting and achieving their goals
  •  Company was able to prioritize issues that affected their immediate plans which would impact them long term.
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How will GBA drive my business to where it needs to be?

  •  Work with you to understand your business, your clients and your vision
  •  Identify problems that are holding your business back from achieving optimal results
  •  Develop a strategic plan that delivers results
  •  Transform your accounting processes – Incorporate cloud-based solutions
  •  Promote sustainable growth

Below are a few examples of how we have helped businesses grow.

Ten Plus

We have been clients of GBA since we were a start up in 1998. Not only has GBA helped with the year-end taxes and financial statements preparation, they helped us navigate the growing pains, provided solid advice across many aspects of running our business, acted as our sounding and advisory board, and helped us focus on our goals and objectives. GBA are not only our accountants, but our trusted business advisors!



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