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Nina Asusa is a Broker with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage. She is a professional Realtor and also leads The askNina Team, a group of Sales Representatives helping clients buy and/or sell in the Greater Toronto Area.


Being a practical, time-sensitive business owner and leader of a busy real estate team, Nina, of The askNina Team, understands the importance of having the support to be able to focus on her core business. To dedicate her time to connecting with clients, Nina’s time spent “on the business” needs to be efficient in order to allow her to become as strategic as possible.


When first becoming a client Nina required the expertise and competence of accounting and tax professionals to help her navigate working with CRA. Again through the incorporation process, she required the guidance of experienced professionals to ensure her business was set-up correctly. Through this work, Angela and the GBA team quickly demonstrated these qualities, which built the foundation for the type of trusted advisor relationship ideal for entrepreneurs. Having this relationship has paved the way for Nina to adopt additional best practices for her bookkeeping and accounting. For example, tracking her mileage and expenses became faster and easier with the adoption of recommended technology.

With these details now covered and knowing that she has professional oversight on her numbers, Nina can focus her efforts on more strategic aspects such as reviewing Management Reporting to ensure that she is keeping her financial year on track. As a proactive business owner, Nina also leverages Angela’s support and expertise when it comes to decisions on where and how to re-invest within her business.

Having a responsive and reputable accounting firm by her side means having access to a current picture of her business, confidence in her numbers and the ability to make informed decisions.

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How will GBA drive my business to where it needs to be?

  •  Work with you to understand your business, your clients and your vision
  •  Identify problems that are holding your business back from achieving optimal results
  •  Transform your accounting processes – Incorporate cloud-based solutions
  •  Promote sustainable growth

Below are a few examples of how we have helped businesses grow.

The askNina Team

Working with Angela gives me the time to do what I know and do best: connect with my clients and buy and sell real estate. I have referred several family members to GBA and would equally recommend the firm to other small business owners.

Nina Asusa

Owner, The askNina Team

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