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Building Social Capital to Grow Your Business Network on Social Media0

Posted On February 23, 2023, by Admin

Online networking has become vital for business owners in order to establish professional relationships, advertise their brands, and create employment opportunities. Connecting with professionals through social media can help individuals develop written communication skills and showcase their expertise to potential employers, customers, and clients. This article will highlight a few steps for using social media […]

Networking to Prospects — How to Increase Sales0

Posted On February 16, 2023, by Admin

A few decades ago, understanding products and services was the core of a successful sales process. However, the highly competitive economy of the modern era has transformed this sector. Consequently, sales have become buyer-focused, and prospecting has established itself as the backbone of the craft. Importance of Prospecting To be able to embrace the prospecting […]

What to Look for When Hiring an Analyst0

Posted On January 5, 2023, by Admin

As the global market evolves and becomes more complex, companies require innovative and efficient solutions to help them grow in multiple directions and communicate the entire process to the relevant stakeholders. That’s where Business Analysts (BA) enter the scene. Besides understanding business needs and handling communication between stakeholders and teams, a BA must recognize, analyze, […]

Quick Articles to help you be a better more informed business leader0

Posted On December 29, 2022, by Admin

In a week where many take vacation, take stock or slow down, we wanted to fuel your reading with a variety of topics. Let us know what reasonates with you & happy reading! Macklem stands by the decision to raise interest rates further The Bank of Canada has raised its benchmark interest rate an unprecedented […]

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