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This comes to us as no surprise, as GBA offers comprehensive services and solutions for all your accounting and tax needs.

Oct 7, 2021: GBA Team Building Day 2

Sep 30, 2021: National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Sep 26, 2021: Walk Or Run for Georgetown Hospital

Dinner at Killicks Kitchen – 2022 GBA Team Building

Niagara Falls – 2022 GBA Team Building

Achieve peace of mind when becoming a client of GBA’s. Our highly qualified team of accounting experts are always available to you, and are keen on guiding you in the right direction. We listen to our customers and respond to their questions in a timely manner – usually within one business day. Let us help keep your costs down and answer those stressful accounting and tax related questions that may be keeping you up at night.

At GBA, we like to say that we are Accountants Who Care. What that means to us is that we care about our people, we care about the communities we live, work and play in, and we care about the success and well-being of our clients.

As with most CPA firms, our objective is to provide high quality services with reasonable fees. Where we differentiate ourselves is with the “who” and “how”.

The Who is our people. We value a family like environment. Meaning, we value that our team is caring, has a fulfilling work-life balance, and holds accountability with one another and our clients.

The How is our process. Communication and accessibility is key. Not that there are many life or death accounting emergencies, but we recognize that your questions and your time are important. For that reason, you will have a team working with you to ensure that your questions will be heard and responded to on a timely basis – even when your dedicated team member is on vacation – another team member will be there for you.

Over the years, we have done extensive research on our industry’s best practices. We have incorporated all that we felt would make us better, faster and stronger – allowing us to provide you with what really matters – value added advice for you and your business.

We have a shockingly simple concept with respect to dealing with CRA – Don’t be the low hanging fruit!

Businesses are audited for a number of reasons…. Some of the most common reasons are: not paying the CRA on time, not responding to CRA letters, or filing something that disagrees with another filing (GST filings and year end taxes, as an example). That being said, don’t volunteer for an audit. At GBA we have structured our processes to help ensure that you file on time, remind you to pay on time, or build in automation systems to have apps pay on time for you, and ensure that filings that should be reconciled are reconciled.


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GBA actively believes that the best way to learn and grow from any subject is to teach it. Our blog goes beyond frequently asked questions to the meat of the matter and connects with our clientele.

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