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Posted On November 30, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

In our latest blog, we’re honoured to share insights from a valued clients who, for confidentiality and professional discretion, has chosen to remain anonymous. This decision reflects the deep trust and respect inherent in our client relationships, emphasizing our commitment to privacy and personalized service. Their story, though shared without a name, speaks volumes about the impact and importance of our collaborative journey. 

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of our long-time clients. Take a moment to hear their perspective on our business relationship:

GBA: First of all, thank-you very much for your time! You’ve been a client with us for quite some time. Can you talk to us about the value you’ve received over the years?

Client: Sure! The relationship started out with an introduction to the Partner, for help with my personal taxes. Over time, as my career evolved, so did my personal tax needs. Throughout that time, I found the professional support very valuable. Then came the day that I wanted to start my own business. One of my first calls was to GBA to find out what I needed to do, what I should expect and how I should structure my business (sole proprietorship? Incorporation?). GBA immediately began to answer any questions I had and gave me all of the information needed to ensure that I could make informed decisions. Fast forward through the years of running my business: as an established entrepreneur, it really comes full circle because the success of your business drives your personal wealth. For me it has been crucial to have GBA’s expertise supporting me on both corporate and personal accounting. It’s hard to describe just how valuable it is to have someone supporting you that holistically.

GBA: Those are wonderful things to hear and what an evolution – Kudos to you! Considering that we pride ourselves on being Accountants Who Care, can you share what that means from your perspective and how we have shown that?

Client: Of course. In my experience, it has come up in a couple of key ways:

  • Accessibility of the team: GBA really works together as a team in support of their clients. When I reach out, I know I will hear back. Even if I don’t direct my question to the correct person the first time or someone is on vacation, I know I will get the answer I need, in a timely way, from the team member with the most relevant expertise.
  • Education & guidance: The GBA team has always had a forward-looking viewpoint. They paint the big picture for perspective, but also break down the “how we get there” plan in ways that are easy to understand and specific to my situation. Then, not only are they helping to ensure I am well-positioned at each stage, but along the way they have explained concepts and terminology that have strengthened my knowledge and decision-making skills as a business owner.
    • The way I look at it is that GBA provides, “Education along the way. Inclusion in the process. It’s not just dropping off a bag of receipts.”

GBA: Wow, thank-you! GBA always tries to make a positive difference for our clients and build relationships. What do you believe has made the biggest difference to our working relationship?

Client: One of the biggest ways that I have felt the support is when I’ve needed to step into more of your services as the needs of business and life have dictated.

On one occasion, I needed to step up to more regular bookkeeping services and do so very quickly. One call to say “SOS” was met with “Tell us what you need” and based on the existing relationship, the extra service was up and running for me very quickly. This support was crucial for me and the continuity of my business!

More recently I’ve begun the process to sell my business, but as a first time business owner, I had never sold one. What structure makes sense? What considerations should I keep in mind? Who else might I need to work with during this process? These were all questions I had and that GBA was able to support me with. The team has made introductions, worked alongside other trusted partners and continued to provide me with my regular service and guidance.

GBA: We’ve been grateful to be a trusted partner for you! Before we close off, anything else that you would like to share with our readers and potential clients.

Client: The GBA team is more than just my accountants. They are a branch of my business and a critical piece of my corporate puzzle. I am grateful for the support GBA has given me and now I never make a move without thinking of how it impacts the bigger picture – that’s GBA’s influence.


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