Crafting Success Together: Executive Strategies for the Entrepreneur’s Journey0

Posted On November 30, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

In our latest blog, we’re honoured to share insights from a valued clients who, for confidentiality and professional discretion, has chosen to remain anonymous. This decision reflects the deep trust and respect inherent in our client relationships, emphasizing our commitment to privacy and personalized service. Their story, though shared without a name, speaks volumes about the […]

Optimizing Your Bottom Line: Unlocking Workforce Potential0

Posted On November 23, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

Pursuing a robust bottom line has introduced us to concepts in revenue growth, cost management, and streamlined processes. This time, let’s talk about a company’s most precious resource — its workforce. The success of any enterprise leans heavily on its team. By fostering an environment that not only recruits but retains and nurtures talent, businesses […]

Optimizing Your Bottom Line: Streamlining Processes for Peak Efficiency0

Posted On November 16, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

In our pursuit to decode the intricacies of a robust bottom line, we’ve explored revenue growth and cost management. Today, we venture into the world of processes — the very backbone of any scalable business operation. Efficient processes pave the way for enhanced profitability and lay a strong foundation for sustainable growth. Every entrepreneurial endeavor […]

Understanding GST/HST and the “Place of Supply” Rules for Canadian Entrepreneurs0

Posted On November 9, 2023, by Ann-Marie Powell

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, knowing how much Goods and Services (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to charge your customers can be challenging. For Canadian entrepreneurs that produce and sell their products or services in Canada, one of the key aspects to get a firm grasp on is […]

Surcharge To Accept Payment Via Credit Card: GST/HST?0

Posted On November 2, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

As of October 2022, merchants could charge an additional fee for accepting payment via credit card. In a March 28, 2023 Technical Interpretation, CRA opined that the additional fee would be a separate exempt supply of a financial service and, therefore, not subject to GST/HST if all of the following conditions are met: The fee […]

Optimizing Your Bottom Line: The Art of Strategic Cost Reduction0

Posted On October 26, 2023, by Trevor Buttle

Our exploration of mastering the bottom line previously celebrated the vitality of revenue growth. In contrast, today, we’re focusing on an equally compelling counterpart: the art of cost management. In this piece, we demystify strategic cost reduction, ensuring value remains uncompromised. While increasing revenue often stands as the star performer in the profitability show, cost […]

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