Accounting Mistakes That Will Sink Your Business0

Posted On November 10, 2022, by Admin

Accounting is undoubtedly complicated, but every business should handle it perfectly, especially small businesses. Even the smallest errors can cause lots of headaches, while something bigger might significantly harm you. Bookkeeping might appear tedious at times, but it’s a necessary evil. Regardless of your industry, mistakes can lead to terrible consequences, otherwise avoidable. Let’s see […]

How Does Amortization Work With Rental Properties?0

Posted On November 8, 2022, by Admin

The cost of owning a house is getting increasingly high, so many Canadian homeowners opt to invest in income properties to cope with the costs and potentially earn a return in the long run. According to research conducted by CIBC, 15% of homeowners are landlords, while 11% have started renting a part of their primary […]

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do and Why Do You Need One?0

Posted On November 3, 2022, by Admin

“A rising tide lifts all boats” -John F. Kennedy As a business grows, so do the responsibilities and workload of its employees. Situations arise whereby the CEO and the existing in-house team cannot handle all the tasks that keep the business running smoothly. However, hiring new, full-time in-house staff might also not be an option. […]

Improving Customer Experience with Simple Automation0

Posted On November 1, 2022, by Admin

While attracting new clients is extremely important for firms, developing client-firm relationships after contracts are signed may be paramount. Many companies focus so intently on getting new businesses through the door that they neglect to establish customer experience strategies with their existing clients. Often, they don’t consider the entire customer journey but are focused solely […]

7 Financial Ratios That Your Lender Will Use to Evaluate Your Business0

Posted On October 27, 2022, by Admin

Ever wonder how banks determine whether your business is a good credit risk for them?  And by that, I really mean, whether they will loan your business money, and what interest rates will you be offered?   As a refresher, interest rates are often a reflection of your credit worthiness – banks want to lend credit […]

Quick Tax Notes0

Posted On October 25, 2022, by Admin

Some quick Tax and Business Thoughts for October 2022 Every month which search the CRA website and press releases for information pertinent to running your business.  Here is October’s quick tax update. CRA’s Prescribe Interest Rate Rising August 31, 2022, CRA raised the prescribe rate for income tax purposes for the fourth quarter of 2022 […]

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