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Posted On November 17, 2022, by Admin

Last month I shared some articles that I found interesting.  Here are some additional ones that affecting our lives and businesses.


WestJet woes continue after weekend outage

A system-wide outage over the weekend led to over 200 flight disruptions and cancellations. Passengers are still waiting to get to their destinations as the problems are now compounded by winter weather conditions.

Freeland defends government’s economic approach

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland maintains that Canada won’t turn to “slash and burn” economics as the world faces an economic downturn.

Oil prices dip in response to China’s Covid containment strategy

As rumours swirled that China would be easing its zero-Covid policy, oil prices began to climb. However, they fell again on Monday when Chinese government officials signalled that the government has no intention of changing directions.

Some employees being asked back to Twitter after being let go

In a surprising turn of events, there have been reports of some employees who were fired from Twitter last week being invited back. It’s unclear how their wages or benefits were affected by the rapid firing and rehiring.

Meta prepares for mass layoffs

To address growing losses and to manage heavy development costs for its metaverse business, Facebook’s parent company is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers this week.

Climate change framed as emergency at COP27

The COP27 climate summit got underway this week in Egypt. Leaders from all over the world are meeting for two weeks to discuss how to avert the worst effects of climate change. The head of the United Nations declared that the lack of progress so far had the world speeding down a “highway to hell”.

US Federal Reserve seizes US$3.36 billion in bitcoin stolen a decade ago

The Federal Reserve announced this week that it has recovered US$3.36 billion worth of bitcoin stolen from the now-defunct illegal Silk Road marketplace in 2013 – the second-largest crypto recovery ever.

We’re already tired of being back at the office

Canadian Business explains why in-person work fatigue is draining us even worse than Zoom fatigue was. Learn why being pulled from meeting to meeting and dealing with office politics is leaving us more fatigued than ever.

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