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Posted On December 1, 2022, by Admin

Last month I mentioned that I find myself surfing the internet at lunch checking out different websites that can directly or indirectly help me in my business.  Some of these articles are great, some not so great, but they all add to my knowledge and helps build up my leadership style ad keeps me in the know with today’s trends in management and business leadership.  Here are this month’s articles that I think may add to your general knowledge in business.


5 steps leaders should take when growing a business sustainably

Business leaders face many important decisions as they grow their company. Those decisions have to take the sustainability of the business into account, or the business will fail. That involves taking five important steps to be better set up for sustainable growth.

Women are switching jobs at record rates, executive ranks included

During the pandemic, many women left the workforce. Now, McKinsey & Company’s 2022 report “Women in the Workplace” shows those women who remained in the workforce are switching jobs at a high rate.

Why empathy is today’s most effective leadership skill

In the aftermath of Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, business leaders are recognizing how vital it is to have empathy for the people on their teams. Here’s why empathy has become such a vital trait for successful leaders.

Avoid these 3 tempting habits for remote work productivity

Working from home enables a great deal of flexibility in your day, and can give you more control over your schedule. Despite the good, there are dangers in developing habits that kill productivity. If you’re looking to boost your output, stay away from these three habits.

4 biggest problems with hybrid work – and how HR can ease them

While many employees want the option of hybrid work, there are still issues with implementing a successful hybrid work arrangement. These issues include motivation, connection, well-being and technology. Here’s how your team can address those challenges.

Feeling stressed at work? Take microbreaks

Studies suggest that workplace burnout is increasing, likely thanks to longer hours, stagnant wages, and stress from Covid. Microbreaks have been found to reduce fatigue, increase performance slightly, and enhance vigor while at work.

How 4 leading companies are tackling supply chain emissions

Supply chain emissions have a massive impact on the climate, and decarbonization of the supply chain could drastically reduce carbon emissions. Royal Philips, IKEA, Unilever and ZF share how they are reducing their supply chain emissions.

5 ways your business can practice safe data to avoid security threats

It often doesn’t take much effort for a network to be compromised–causing irreparable harm to a company’s reputation and affecting the bottom line. Following these tactics can lessen your risk of being attacked.

7 tips to make better financial decisions

Every day we make decisions that affect our personal finances, but in many cases those decisions are made without much thought. Here are 7 tips to help you make better financial decisions.

What’s the deal with disruptive marketing and should I be a disruptor?

Marketers are constantly trying to stand out from the crowd, which is where disruptive marketing comes into play. Learn more about what disruptive marketing is.

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