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Posted On October 20, 2022, by Admin

I find myself surfing the internet at lunch checking out different websites that can directly or indirectly help me in my business.  Some of these articles are great, some not so great, but they all add to my knowledge and helps build up my leadership style and keeps me in the know with today’s trends in management and business leadership.  I would like to share some of the better articles that I have read in the past couple of days.


8 tips that will help you become a better business leader

Being a successful and effective leader requires strong communication, openness, and the right mindset. Here are 8 tips to help you improve your leadership skills.

What is innovation in business & how could it help you?

Companies like to say they’re innovative, but few know exactly what it means or how it looks in practice. There are many ways for a company to be innovative, from disrupting an industry to engaging in creative partnerships. Learn more about how you can foster innovation in your business.

Quiet quitting, firing and promoting: Why transparency is key to a healthy work environment

Quiet quitting has become a buzzword lately, with people arguing both for and against it. Technology has made it easier for employees to track how much they work–and what their professional value is. Being transparent and setting clear boundaries can help business leaders navigate environments where employee and employer philosophies clash.

How to set boundaries at work and avoid burnout: Say no and don’t people-please

A recent study suggests that since the pandemic started, the average workday has extended by almost 50 minutes. Setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ can help workers avoid burnout.

How to fix a toxic culture

Although many business leaders believe their corporate culture could be improved, few focus on taking the steps necessary to address the issue. Focusing on leadership, social norms, and work design can help a company improve its culture–and improve employee morale.

Is your company a ‘most loved’ workplace? It should be

Companies that take care of their employees also tend to benefit customers and investors, but many companies view employee care as optional. Employers should get to know their employees and what those employees want, so they can foster a positive work environment.

Personal finance management: Do you know these six investment rules?

Knowing and understanding six key financial rules will help you pay down debt, plan for emergencies, and control your spending.

Use these social media strategies to build your brand

Social media can make a big impact on how successful your business is. These strategies will help you navigate social medial so you can build your brand.

Where’s my item: Why inventory control matters

Searching for inventory can disrupt a warehouse, while missing items can cause lost revenue and frustrate your customers. Both of these issues are preventable by following some simple inventory control strategies.

How to prepare the next generation to run the family business

Fewer businesses are being passed on to younger generations within families. Here are some reasons why and ways to prepare family members to take over your business, if that’s what they want.

BOC committed to lowering inflation no matter the cost

Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem said last week that the Bank of Canada is focused on lowering the rate of inflation, even if that comes at the cost of jobs.

New fee in effect immediately when paying with credit cards

Starting last week, retailers and other businesses are allowed to charge customers a fee every time they swipe their credit card. The new rule allows businesses to pass on the fee to the customer that credit card providers charge for the convenience of using their card.

Jobless rate inches lower to 5.2%

Canada added 21,000 jobs last month, though the labour force shrank by the same amount. The difference is attributed to those who voluntarily chose not to seek work last month.

Cost of a Thanksgiving meal up 12% this year

Thanks to inflation, turkey dinner over the weekend was more expensive than previous years. The estimated average cost to cook a traditional holiday meal now comes in at a total of $203.95 for a family of four, with some leftovers.

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