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Are you looking to take your business to the next level and accelerate your company’s profit, but are struggling to reduce costs and grow sustainably? Our highly experienced team of professionals can help.

Whether you need a virtual CFO, a part-time CFO or an interim CFO, our team can help you with your business needs.

What can you expect from our services?

A CFO can help oversee all of your accounting and financial needs, and provide high-level strategic guidance. You can expect the following from our CFO services:

1. Monitor your company’s cash flow, and effectively track the sources and uses of cash across your business.

2. Create financial reports of your business’ operations and through analysis, identify how to maximize profitability through pricing and cost optimization.

3. Proactively discover ways to save and implement budgeting processes to optimize cash flow.

4. Measure the performance of the business through data collection and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking.

Virtual CFO

We understand that not all businesses require a full-time in-house CFO, particularly if they are in early stages of development. Virtual CFO services are a great option when looking for valuable part-time financial management. The virtual CFO works remotely and on a part-time schedule, generally for small and medium-sized businesses, and is much less costly than an in-house CFO.

Variance Analysis

Do you ever wonder whether a business opportunity or a purchase of an asset could have a positive impact to your business, but find yourself having trouble working out the potential results due to the many variables at play? Let our experts help you find the answer with confidence.

A budget is like a road map for your business, it provides direction of where you are going and how you are going to get there. You should be looking out 12 months or 4 quarters at any given time (i.e., a rolling budget). This budget not only includes your expected sales, but also your expenses and profit. With a budget, you plan your year, monitor and modify your operations during the year to take into account changes from the budget to actual.

The difference between the budget and actual is referred to as variance. Variances should be reviewed to determine why there are discrepancies between the budget and actual. For instance, was there an issue with the assumption(s) used in the budget? Are the assumptions incorrect? Do they need to be changed? Was there a special rush order?

Our team of experts can conduct variance analysis so that you can make the right adjustments, if any, to your business.

What You Can Expect From GBA

Timely Responses

  • Your call is answered by a live team member
  • You will receive a response to your question within 24 hours
  • You will always have accessibility to someone on your dedicated team

Fixed Fees

  • No surprise invoices – all our fees are fixed and agreed upon before any work begins
  • Enroll in our monthly payment options to optimize the cash flow of your business
  • Our work and fees are covered by our unconditional, money back guarantee

Reduce Audit Fee Risk

  • Our tax team are specialists in defending you and your business against CRA audits
  • We provide proactive protection against audits through the GBA Fee Waiver program
  • Optional – It’s your choice to participate

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