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Corporate tax returns can be overwhelming, especially with rules and regulations constantly changing. When you are a client, we ensure your taxes are done correctly and promptly to avoid any risk of noncompliance. We take a proactive approach to managing your tax obligations by preparing and filing your tax return early enough, so that any taxes that are owed are known in advance. Our goal is to minimize risk and maximize value by setting up your business for future growth. GBA accountants have extensive experience and training, and can thoroughly apply for deductions and claim benefits based on our understanding of what you are entitled to.

We value our relationship with our clients and believe communication and education are a key part of that relationship, and will happily explain the tax return to its full extent in order for you to be comfortable with your tax filing.

How can we assure your taxes are done correctly and promptly.

Delivering high-quality tax provision estimates and tax filings is our priority, and we collaborate with our colleagues to deliver a comprehensive lineup of business services that can help you:

  • Identify tax-related risks and opportunities related to inbound and outbound financing, and investment strategies, R&D and government incentives, and financing structures
  •  Integrate tax reporting obligations with internal financial reporting and controls
  • Optimize your tax processes through the introduction of automation
  • Manage compliance risks, such as sales and payroll tax
  • Develop tax-efficient business strategies, such as reorganizations, employee remuneration plans, and supply chain tax efficiency

To better manage your risks, identify opportunities and position your organization for the future, contact GBA today.

Are you missing out on the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit (SRED)?

The SRED is a federal tax credit program that values innovation and improving environmental best practices. By filing for this claim, businesses that qualify have the opportunity to reduce their tax burden and increase their revenue. The SRED is a tax credit regardless of the business’ profitability. In order to qualify, the business must be a Canadian controlled private corporation (CCPC). Businesses that spend towards research and development can qualify for a 35% income tax credit for investments up to $3M, and any research expenses above this amount may qualify for 20% income tax credit. That being said, it’s worth filing for! Collect on innovations, environmental improvement, and best practices; discuss the details with our team.

What You Can Expect From GBA

Timely Responses

  • Your call is answered by a live team member
  • You will receive a response to your question within 24 hours
  • You will always have accessibility to someone on your dedicated team

Fixed Fees

  • No surprise invoices – all our fees are fixed and agreed upon before any work begins
  • Enroll in our monthly payment options to optimize the cash flow of your business
  • Our work and fees are covered by our unconditional, money back guarantee

Reduce Audit Fee Risk

  • Our tax team are specialists in defending you and your business against CRA audits
  • We provide proactive protection against audits through the GBA Fee Waiver program
  • Optional – It’s your choice to participate

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