It's About People

Caroline Williams-Weir CPA, CA


Prior to working at GBA LLP, I worked at various public accounting firms that ranged from Big Four firms such as Deloitte, to smaller firms with less than ten staff. During my entire career as an accountant I have specialized in tax. My experience working with a diversity of firms has allowed me to gain an in-depth technical knowledge while working directly with clients to help achieve their goals.
I am passionate about working in tax because I can provide solutions that have a quantifiable result, and help clients see exactly how much money they can save. I also enjoy helping clients with their tax compliance needs to make sure they are prepared accurately and as tax efficiently as possible, in order to avoid stressful CRA audits, or to be there to assist clients in the event they have been selected for an audit. I also love the opportunity for clients to come to me in advance of a transaction so we can work together to obtain the most tax efficient solution.

Working with GBA LLP gives me the opportunity to work directly with clients, be easily accessible to them, and to help understand their unique goals and business needs. This is the case whether they are an individual, just starting a business, have been running an established business for years, or even if they have a vast and complex corporate structure.

COVID changed working life for a lot of people, and I am one of the many people who have transitioned to working primarily from home, which has also helped me be able to work with clients wherever they located. Outside of work, I have a St. Bernard/Newfoundland dog and I’m grateful to be able to spend so much of my free time with her, and she is definitely happy to have me home all the time. I also love to travel with my partner and I have visited 35 countries so far, with hopes to continue to expand as much as possible!