It's About People

Gabriela Shipway


I have been working in multiple industry areas, from engineering to retail and even fitness. I am from a beautiful country called Venezuela. I graduated as an engineer back home, but then I started a new life in Canada in 2014. I graduated with a Business Administration Diploma in Financial Services with honors from SAIT in Calgary, Alberta. I then moved to Ontario in 2018 for yet another new beginning where I spent 3 years working in the Financial Services Industry before joining GBA.

What makes us different? – All the great personalities that we have working together makes us a unique team. One of the interview questions that I got asked before joining the team was “what was the workplace that you enjoyed the most?” And by that time my answer was none. If I get asked that question again, I can definitely say now that GBA will be the one on that list.

I have a couple years of Bookkeeping experience under my belt – and I am sure with my perseverance, energy and support from my team, I will be up for any challenge. During my free time I enjoy time with my family, travelling and camping.