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Posted On March 9, 2023, by Admin

As we celebrate and reflect on International Women’s Day, here are a few intriguing articles and resources addressing the gender gap in leadership and entrepreneurship. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Approaching Gender Inequality From a New Angle

Despite a wealth of data attesting to the success of female leaders, women continue to be underrepresented at senior levels in many organizations. Simply speaking out against inequality and injustice or creating internal, women-only networks has proven unsuccessful. Therefore, it may be time to shift our focus to the significant business opportunity that results from better gender balance. Read on to hear Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s thoughts on how some global companies have built their success on gender-balanced leadership teams.

Necessity for Women in Leadership Roles

Women are still not “welcome at the tables where decisions are being made” in business. The most prominent reason behind the issue lies in the lack of discussion regarding the female experience and the untapped potential of women in leadership positions. Raisa Ghazi, a university guest lecturer in inclusive and women’s leadership, delves into the topic.

 She highlights the benefits of women’s natural risk-aversion, their community-driven approach, and ethical decision-making in a field as volatile and environmentally damaging as the tech industry. She also emphasizes the need modern companies have for a woman’s perspective when it comes to thinking creatively, addressing demands, and catering to customers more effectively.

Equity vs Equality: Finding the Right Way to Women’s Advancement

Equality and equity both come from the Latin word meaning “fair,” but they denote different ideas. The former focuses on providing even opportunities, while the latter places importance on the needs of each individual. The IWD 2024 campaign aims to open a dialogue about the differences between these two concepts and how they impact marginalized groups, such as women.

 Learn the importance of adjusting resources to people’s needs and circumstances, and discover how to articulate and work toward equity- versus equality-based solutions.

2022 Women in the Workplace Report

In partnership with LeanIn.Org, McKinsey has researched female employees in corporate America for the past eight years. The new Women in the Workplace report is out, and the results are somewhat concerning. The study included 333 organizations and surveyed over 40,000 employees to find that the corporate world of the US is facing what is referred to as a “Great Breakup.”

 The research has found that women in high leadership positions are switching jobs at an incredibly high rate. According to the results, the issue stems from fewer opportunities for advancement, common belittling microaggressions at work, and unrewarded efforts toward inclusion and employee satisfaction. This climate may have serious implications for companies, especially if new generations of women follow suit.

Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face in Canada Today

Canada Diversity, a publication of the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS), has teamed up with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub to publish a fully women-inspired journal edition. This unique issue explores the world of female entrepreneurs in Canada, focusing on their experiences in different business fields.

 The 80-page publication delves into topics like inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems, misconceptions about women entrepreneurs, and barriers, opportunities, and challenges female leaders face because of their gender and background. It also emphasizes the necessity for further research of disaggregated data to find solutions for persistent inequities that limit the Canadian economy.


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